Obviously the QR Codes are WAY too much fun---and why not?? They've extended the ability for smartphone users to become instant "library
users"-- if only for a moment as they check some of our great resources.

However, I've been compiling a list of ways to use QR Codes in the Library and here's what we've tried (or are trying) now:

  • Add a code to your bulletin board or a display---the code can then take the user to additional information (webpage) that lists
specific content that correlates to the display or bulletin board's subject matter.

  • Add a code to the inside cover (front or back) of a book to allow the user to access a book trailer, an author's website, or a list of
additional books from your library's website;

  • Add a code to some of your realia or kits to allow teachers the ability to access instructional content, tutorials, additional
resources, or even instruction manuals that may be available from your library's website.

  • Include a QR code to your promotional fliers or announcements (Book Fairs?) to allow users the ability to browse some of the additional information that might be
available or to see what is available for purchase at your book fair or other activity.

  • Include a QR code on directional maps (either printed or those on the wall) to allow users to quickly locate where they are in relation
to their destination; for example, a QR code in our university library might be made available on each floor to help new users orientate
themselves to what is available on that floor, how to locate specific things (such as a restroom), or how to find a librarian.

As far as I'm concerned, I'd slap a QR code on every kindergartener to make sure s/he was on the right bus, in the right classroom, or would
be going home with the right person---but that would seem a bit Orwellian, I'm sure!! *grin*

How are you all using the QR Codes---and what other wild and crazy ideas would you have for using them both in the library and perhaps
around the school?

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